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AFOL VIP Night Dreamworld

Dreamworld invited members of QLUG and Brisbricks to a very special VIP night after hours at the Dreamworld LEGO Certified Store on the Gold Coast. This was a special thank you for the two groups collaborating for the first time and putting together a show in the Parkway venue beside the store. There was pizza, drinks, a VIP shopping experience and plenty of LEGO, a PERFECT night for any AFOL.

Not a surprise seeing these two soon to be famous on tv LEGO Masters here, as they are members of QLUG and Brisbricks. We wish them both the best of luck! We have to be #teambilsyandkale, but secretly also ship #teamhenryandcade.

Attendees of the night were offered a very special opportunity to buy some PAB wall pieces that were newly in stock to inspire their future MOC creations. All in all it was a fun night! Here’s to a successful setup for the show tomorrow and some weekends on fun together!

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