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February Build 


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Welcome to our 16X16 Valentine Day Build Challenge for 2022

The cChallenge is intended to be a fun and engaging activity for everyone across the QLUG community. It is organised by the Q LUG and all you have to do is build a LEGO model that fits within a footprint of 16×16 LEGO studs.


Please read the criteria carefully and we look forward to everyone's submissions. Have fun and Play Well.

After feedback from our January competition the conditions have been ammended/adjusted

General information:

Submissions will be accepted from now until 5pm 12th February 2022.

Judged by LEGO Masters contestant Flleur Watkins with the winner announced on the 14th February on QLUG Facebook page. 

Prize for the winning build

(surprise surprise) 

  Be sure to like the facebook page to get the news

Entry Criteria:

  1. Model must be brick built using genuine LEGO® parts only. There is no limit on what parts from the entire LEGO catalogue as long as its genuine LEGO.

  2. The model can be no wider than 16 studs, no deeper than 16 studs and no taller than 16 bricks. NO OVERHANG. Anything within these dimensions is acceptable, it does not have to be on a 'baseplate'

  3. When submitting your model, you may submit up to 3 photos only one photo from any one angle may be submitted, composite/collages will not be accepted

  4. NO photoshop or after effects are to be used, clean photography of the model please. You can place the model on a real backdrop for effect though.

  5. Photo to be sent to to  no later than 5pm 12th February 2022.

What are the judges looking for?

Build to the theme and keep it family friendly, just have fun and be creative. The judges will be looking for:

  1. Creativity

  2. On Theme

  3. Creative use of parts

  4. Story

  5. Wow factor (overall impression)

Each category will be scored out of a possible ten points. Categories will be totalled to determine the top five and then an overall winner chosen. The judge’s decision is final.

Love not your thing.... Watch this space on Feb 15th for the March Build Challenge.

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