Wall to Wall LEGO AWESOME at the Gold Coast Brick Event!

Crowds of excited visitors had an amazing time and we had a massively awesome weekend at the Gold Coast Brick Event!


Bruce Cheung

Everyone had a great time from all accounts. To all that displayed, you did an excellent job as always sharing your creations and the show was wall to wall top quality. We even managed to assemble Bruce’s army in record time ready for his  Gold Coast Bulletin interview thanks to awesome teamwork.


By Aaron Coghill

To all the volunteers, we couldn’t do this without you either. We hope you found your experience inspiring!


by Matt O’Brien

We have a lot of people to thank who all did a truckload to get the word out about the show …. Firstly, behind the scenes our ambassador Jeff Snow has been working hard getting this show promoted in addition to all the things us admin do behind the scenes quietly every single day. We have him especially to thank for asking LEGO to post promos for us on the LEGO facebook page.  


The LEGO Life app ladies :)

LEGO is also owed a massive thanks for all the goodies that we were able to give to our exhibitors thanks to the generous event support that they extend to us as a RLUG.


by Damian Hinds

Big thanks also goes to Ross Cameron Allen and Glenn Davies who both did promo displays at local libraries, Steven Lilliman who did promo at a local Coles and everyone who did their bit handing out flyers and sharing the event on facebook. To all the guys that did the Kids Expo earlier this year, who also promoted the show and QLUG, big big thanks!


We want to also thank the MOST AWESOME Bailey Fullarton who seriously stepped up the group collaborative display efforts with his Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit project that he took from concept, developed and coordinated with endless patience and determination. He designed the elements of the track, set the scene for the entire project and even encouraged kids at the show to get building these little racers.  


Last but never least, thanks to Brick Events for doing the event management side of things, pulling all the elements together and creating this awesome thing we’ve been doing for 20 shows and 5 years now.
IMG_2633And to Cherie Patrick, we may not thank you often enough, because you are always the one writing these posts thanking everyone else, but thank you! You’ve helped to shape and grow this wonderful group of people and here’s to many more years of LEGO family

Photos of the show are here: Gold Coast Brick Event 2017

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