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Relay for Lego – by Phillip Kemp(QLUG member)

Hi my name is Phillip Kemp and i like Lego……. alright who am i kidding i LOVE Lego!

Being an AFOL in a regional town sometimes feels like being the only one left on the planet at times, You have all this cool creativity but no one to share/ show it to! That was me…. until about 3 months ago when i met another AFOL called Keith Faiges. From there we hit it off with conversations that lasted hours on Lego sets that he grew up with (sets from the 80’s) and sets that i grew up with (sets form the 90’s). Discussing sets that were out and sets that were to be released. As long as it was Lego it was on the table for discussion / debate.

Last year i ran in the cancer council’s Relay for life and our team managed to raise $15,000 so we thought that we would give it a go again and up the ante and aim for $20,000.

After a few discussions and many hours poring over Keith’s extensive Lego collection i asked if he wanted to put a Lego display together with me for the cancer council. Keith was on board straight away and was shooting ideas at me quicker than a Lego pirate cannon in the hands of an 8 year old kid!

Now while i am an AFOL I limit my collection to the majority of the CITY line. On the other hand Keith is just Lego nuts! If it has the Lego logo then it’s collected.

With the new Lego movie coming out I thought it a perfect time to host a display as its School holidays and this will be the perfect way to promote the Relay for life and raise some much needed funds.

So with Lego from 3 decades to choose form we thought it best to keep it simple and kit bash so the children could see Lego set that were for sale/ and still are for sale in stores now. With this in mind, we set about planning with the table split into sections ie. mine, harbor, trains, shops etc.

With the plan in place and an idea all we needed was Lego movie sets to add to the display and a venue to host it at. So we approached the library to be met by a Lego enthusiast and needless to say getting approval wasn’t hard.

So we have venue and sets so now to assemble. With well over 30,000 bricks and over 250 figs there is something for everyone in the display. We have on display 30 years of Lego sets releases, ranging from 80’s and 90’s space, city, trains, Harry Potter, DC and Marvel Superheros, Creator and Modular Series, Lego Movie, Toy story, Friends, the Collectible Mini-figs and the list of themes goes on and on.

The interest from the general public on the day that we were setting up the display was great, with kids and adults alike stopping to ask questions and having a look. We have even had one of the committee members from the local show approach us and ask if we will do a display for the local Mount Isa Show saying and I quote “We need a display like this at the show and we want you to help us attract people.”

I built a display at the relay for life event last year and decided to do a can you spot the item activity in the display and this worked well so I have continued that theme this year.

We have a can you find the item sheet that the kids and adults can fill out to go in the draw to win some Lego at the end of the display as well as a line there that gives them some space to supply some feedback on their favourite part so we can improve the display in moving forward.

the display going this well and the interest and support from the local community I can almost say without a doubt that this won’t be the last display that the Mount Isa Lego Owners Group put on.

A special thanks goes out to my Wife for supporting me in my crazy obsession and also to Keith for helping me make the display as great as it is.

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