Totally Terrific Toowoomba Brick Event Wows Locals!


Our intrepid band of exhibitors from the Queensland LEGO User Group hit the road on Friday, driving up the range, through the heavy fog and clouds to set up an awesome show at the Toowoomba Showgrounds. We battled with a venue roof that leaked in places as the skies opened and rained solidly all day. Saturday the fog lifted to show a gloriously sunny day that set the tone for the whole weekend.


The locals were lovely and some even travelled far and wide (2 hours or more) to come check out the show. Most were shocked that it wasn’t just a handful of local people showing off their LEGO sets. When told most of the group were from Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, they were legitimately wowed by the size, scale and variety of displays.  We had the local news stations and newspaper visit to cover the show too!  


Our exhibitors put on a fabulous bunch of displays and talked about their creations with great big smiles and tons of enthusiasm. Great job guys! Having attended every Brick Events show, it’s a great thing to see new people join the ranks of exhibitors and Graeme Page made a fabulous show debut with a sprawling Zoo, with all sorts of LEGO animals!


Saturday night was filled with LEGO fun, with an individual creative build challenge that saw all sorts of weird and wonderful things created. Everyone got a random bag of mixed LEGO to work with and competition was incredibly hard to call a winner! The tower challenge was extra challenging with a limited range of parts to use from a single set. One group edged out the others by mere inches to create the tallest tower. We rounded out an awesome first day with a BBQ and celebrated Damian’s birthday with candles and cake before the fog drifted in and chased everyone off to their cabins.
QLUG meet activities and BBQ

BIG BIG thanks to all the awesomely talented exhibitors, helpers and beautiful supportive family members for all you do before, during and after every event to make sure these shows are fabulous experience for everyone who attends.

Every show that comes and goes, I am reminded at how much this little group has grown into something damn massively awesome over the past 5 years ♥♥♥

Thanks as always to LEGO for all the support they show us throughout the year and all the goodies that we get to pass on to our awesomely talented members to further encourage their creativity.

Last but not least, THANK YOU to the guys from Brick Events, their family and staff members. You take care of all the event management side of things, so all our exhibitors have to do is turn up, setup and have a great time. From my perspective, Toowoomba was a flawless show from setup to bumping out, you should be proud of what you have created here. Here’s to more awesome Brick Events!

Here’s a tour of the Toowoomba Brick Event:

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