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Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit Meet-up Fun!

QLUG GARC Project by Bailey Fullarton

With the Gold Coast Brick Event quickly approaching, it was GO GO GO!!! time for getting our GARC together. The Bricklink orders were in and the anticipation was high as a group of eager QLUG members got together to create Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit racers and parts of the track.

Bailey was a gracious host, running a speed build competition to get all the checkpoints built and guiding people to make some GARC racers. By all accounts it was a fun time, so much so that it was hard to say goodbye.

Bring on the Gold Coast Brick Event!

All the FUN had at Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2017!


Roll up! Roll up! The show’s in town! For the 4th year in a row, Queensland LEGO User Group members tripped to the Sunshine Coast with their AWESOME displays to set up a fabulous high quality LEGO Fan Show for the locals. For some of our lovely AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) that create and share their displays, this is our 5th year of doing shows together as a group and a lot of long lasting friendships have been formed.

This years Sunshine Coast Brick Event was exceptionally high quality with wall to wall MOC (My own creation) goodness! There was the always epic Harry Potter display, with lots of new additions like moving scenes and always more detail. Check out this guided tour by its creator and be sure to book tickets to the GOLD COAST BRICK EVENT to see it up close and personal in September.

The all new Scaryborough, a halloween/monsters scary creation of awesomeness made its first debut. I’ve never seen quite so many scary looking scenes in one diorama before and it was AWESOME!


Some displays took advantage of the less-than-bright, massively-variable lighting in the Aussie World “The Shed” venue and added extra lighting to their displays.


More than a couple displays were expanded or completely changed, with Minecraft gaining a whole new overworld and the medieval/castle/dragons themed creation gaining a third table and room for some epic battles! You could spend hours looking at all the displays and still find new little details you never noticed the first time.  

IMG_1314  IMG_1252

To all our fabulous members that displayed, thanks for making this a really fun show! We also shared a live video on the QLUG facebook group and a lot of lovely members made the trip to come support our exhibitors because they could see we were all having a great time :)


This is Aaron, he was a technical advisor for this awesome microscale airport. SWOOSH!

To the guys from Brick Events that host and event manage all the major shows that Queensland LEGO User Group attends formally each year, thank you for all your hard work! I know that organising a new venue this year was challenging, to say the least and you guys take all the stress so our exhibitors can just walk in, set up and know it’s going to be a good experience. Keep up the good work! Your shows have helped nuture some exceptionally great LEGO building talent in our wonderful state of Queensland <3 Check out the album of all the awesome show goodness here      

Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2017

Lismore Brick Event, a Fabulous Regional LEGO Fan Event.

Lismore locals were absolutely fabulous when QLUG roadtripped with Brick Events south of the border. After setting up over the course of the day and into the night on Friday, the show was ready to rock the City Hall!

Check out this show tour in 60 seconds.


Local kids could be heard exclaiming “WOW!” excitedly as they entered the hall display area.


We had a great little group of some of our most awesomely friendly exhibitors, it was impossible to pick a stand-out display as they were all were awesome on the detail and the wow factor.
IMG_0887          There were some fan favourite displays and some awesome new stuff to be seen. IMG_0467  

Big thanks to all of our lovely members that made this a great little event! Regional shows are a bit special as we show and stay together over the course of the weekend. It’s a great way to get to know other members and foster friendships. Special thanks as always to Gary, Ken and Adrian from Brick Events for organising these shows and looking after our exhibitors.

This was a great show to kick off our 5th year of LEGO Fan Shows together.

You can check out all the photos of the show here on Flickr:  Lismore Brick Event.

QLUG Exhibitors Meet @ Bricks N Fun Capalaba

With our year of travelling shows complete for 2015, it was time to catch up and have a show debrief. Brick Events hosted the meeting at Bricks n Fun ans we ended the official proceedings with a bit of a competition. Lets just say there were some pretty serious game faces going on when they were all challenged to build a train carriage to test out a new activity for next year’s shows.
IMG_3874   IMG_3873

IMG_3885   And of course there were prizes! Thanks to Bricks N Fun. Best design was taken out by Adam and Emma. All the other carriages that survived going around the track without derailing also got given a small prize. All in all it was a fun activity and we trust that the kids will enjoy creating and watching their creations go around the track.


Here’s a video of the last wagons standing :)