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About QLUG


Welcome to the Queensland Lego User Group

This is a group of Adult Fans of LEGO® , or AFOLs as we are sometimes called, from all over Queensland, Australia. Our main goal is to share our LEGO® hobby with others and in doing so, build great friendships and LEGO® models, but most of all, enjoy ourselves. We do this daily via social media, but also meet in person to build and show together.

Some in our group are from the original Brisbane Lego Train Group or BLTG, a group that has 12 years experience in LEGO® display and shows. Building on their expertise and support we plan to display an ever-evolving LEGO® train layout and show off some amazing LEGO® creations at model train and hobby shows and exhibitions. Also with our association with Brick Events Pty Ltd we will also be involved in the various LEGO® shows they plan to have in the South-East Queensland and possibly elsewhere as well.

Our group meets regularly once a month or so to get together to exchange ideas, have a few laughs, share inspirations and play a few LEGO® related games. Members enjoy building and displaying their own creations called a MOC (My Own Creation) for each other at meetings and public events. We also meet to discuss and plan future events, and do other LEGO® related activities. But our main focus is the sharing and enjoyment of building with little plastic bricks.

You will find most of our members over on our facebook group talking and interacting every day of the week. We share our bargain buys, MOC’s in progress, our build areas, favourite links, building tips and so much more. Social media gives us a platform to connect with members of the AFOL community that are otherwise isolated with their hobby by living in a remote location.

Play Well

Queensland Lego User Group is not endorsed by LEGO® and is not affiliated with Lego in anyway. The words LEGO and some images are copyright to the LEGO Company.