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Join the 2017 Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit Launching GOLD COAST Brick Event!

18620838_1399973176713214_7737357908102420625_oQLUG Community Collaborative LEGO Project! by Bailey Fullarton

Picture the year 2432, 500 years after the creation of the world’s best toy. Space travel is now recreational, and you are introduced to the new sport taking the galaxy by storm!  

Welcome to the 2017 Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit (GARC), where you are entering your ship into the race hoping to win ultimate intergalactic notoriety! Inspired by the works of many GARC coordinators worldwide.


So how do you enter this race? Build a ship of course! Your first task is to determine your ship class. Sprinter Craft (SC) are small, agile and sleek. Bulwark Cruisers (BC) are the largest class, but they have it where it counts. Dauntless Vessels (DV) are your all-rounder ship, manoeuvrable and strong.

Next you need to find a seed part. This part will be the detail that will draw interest from the crowd. Think outside the box too, something in a rare colour, a part with a unique shape, you’ll work it out!  



Your racer must be less than 10 x 10 studs. Inside those bounds, the sky’s the limits. SC’s will naturally be the smallest usually at around 6 studs long excluding extremities. BC’s will take up most of the 10 stud length, and DV’s sit somewhere in the middle. The build can be as simple or complex as possible! A ship made with 5 of the right parts can look just as awesome as a ship with 50. Give your racer a name and you’re ready for sponsors and a fresh livery!

18672999_1399978766712655_7430345186616861192_oThis is where all your unused sticker sheets come in. Given the size of these builds, you want to use parts where the detail is found in the element itself, and enhance these shapes with stickers. Don’t be afraid to cut and overlap stickers either! Exo-Force, Galaxy Quest and Racers are a wealth of good sticker uses. (The bleed lines of stickers make a great racing stripe.)

Lastly, you’ll want some fuel. Most vehicles use old energy crystals, as they are the easiest to come across in the asteroid fields. Whack a big trail of trans-neon green or orange out of your exhaust with some 4L bars, antennas, or 8L whip antennas for the best effect! (Trans-light blue’s fine too.)

– DISPLAY – The race is set up amongst a local asteroid belt, so the track is ever changing. Obstacles and hurtling rocks are constantly on the move. Along the track, there are multiple checkpoint rings which the racers fly through, doing laps and reaching the grand finish line. The best part about this ever changing setup is that each race can have a different layout and size. The fluidity of the display is the great part about it! Your racers stand in situ on the table as a freeze frame of an epic swarming rally.  


Underneath this display will lay a giant printed space themed banner to serve as a vibrant backdrop for the chaotic event. What’s more spectacular is that there is potential to set up a black-light above to make the racers, checkpoints and finish line glow brightly!


So there you have it! Build a ship smaller than 10 x 10, give it a class for its size, a name, a sweet energy trail, some awesome decals and a mounting point for a stud or anti-stud underneath for us to attach a stand, and you are on your way to claiming victory in the coolest collaborative display this side of the galaxy! I’ve taken the liberty of adding some inspiration for you to get started! Test your SNOT building capabilities and experiment and finesse your design, but above all, have fun and get creative! GO


Share your creations on our Facebook Group and bring your creation to the Gold Coast Brick Event to join this awesome display!

Gold Coast Brick Event 2016 LEGO Fan Heaven!


It’s been a busy year for QLUG with a calendar of shows all up and down Queensland, Gold Coast was set to be our biggest and best show to end off the year.


With over 100 tables jam-packed with awesomely designed diorama-style displays, massive Great Ball Contraption and vintage goodness it was LEGO Fan heaven!


There were build walls and play tables for kids big and small. Fun was definitely had by all.

IMG_9966 IMG_9975

Thousands of fans flocked to the event to be wowed by the displays, chat to our lovely members, play in the build areas and shop for some must-have LEGO goodness!


Saturday night was a ton of fun, with awesome LEGO thank you gifts for our exhibitors, a round of partsies in groups and someone even celebrated their 40th birthday with cake!


There was also a hotly contested challenge to build a bridge that had to support the weight of a large truck, using only 2×4 bricks. Untitled


Here we have a photo of some of the lovely AFOLs who help make Brick Event shows great! Of course, we are always missing a bunch of exhibitors who make things for our group displays, but can’t attend and our volunteer helpers from the next day. We are also missing Bel and Karll who couldn’t stay because of family needs, but were kind enough to set up their Rocks Resort.

To all of our members who give their time and talents, THANK YOU! Without you guys there is no show. I saw such lovely community spirit and friendship all weekend. You should be proud of what you have all achieved.


Big thanks to The LEGO Group for their support in providing the awesome LEGO event support so we can encourage our members to get more creative and build great things! 

Check out the album of photos below for all the awesome details!

Gold Coast Brick Event 2106

Rockhampton Brick Event ROCKED!

Our intrepid band of travelling AFOLS braved the early morning cold to jetset or road-trip off to sunny Central Queensland. Rockhampton certainly turned out to be a fabulous show!


The Rockhampton crowds were full of lovely families. People came from far and wide to get their LEGO Fan Show fix, some travelling more than a few hours to be there.  We were joined by a bunch of wonderful local AFOLS who also exhibited with us. IMG_1422      

Some of the organisers that run local junior LEGO groups  brought along a display. IMG_1597  IMG_9409

The play area was a hive of creative building. Popular was the build a train wagon activity, the build walls and the free-build tables. There was even a DUPLO table at toddler height for the littlest master builders in training <3

IMG_9366IMG_9370  IMG_9372

Saturday night was a ton of fun, with awesome LEGO thankyou gifts for our exhibitors, a quick round of partsies, random LEGO prize draws and a creative build competition.  Big thanks to The LEGO Group for their support in providing the awesome LEGO event support so we can encourage our members to get more creative and build great things! Untitled IMG_1513   IMG_1454


See all the photos from this event here:
Rockhampton Brick Event

Everything is AWESOME~ Brisbane Brick Event


Signature Build by Ryan Mcnaught

The Brisbane Brick Event was an awesome experience for all our exhibitors, showing alongside some of Ryan McNaught’s iconic builds. Thousands of happy visitors were wowed by the large scaled and micro scaled builds alike.

Our group’s Micropolis City made it’s newly named debut as “Bricksbane” as voted by members of QLUG. It was fabulous seeing the city come together and this project brought together a great mix of experienced and MOC beginner exhibitors, with some trying microscale for the very first time and absolutely NAILING IT! :) Hopefully we will get some more blocks for future shows and watch the city grow. Our city has a QR code that visitors can scan with an app and see all the details of the different blocks and who made them.


Bricksbane, By QLUG members

We had some very talented first time exhibitors including Classic Space and a very interesting curated history of LEGO.


LEGO History


Classic Space


Lego Robotics

Exhibitors had a fun night on Saturday, with a dinner and some competitive challenges, including a creative monochrome group build.

Super BIG thanks to The LEGO Group for the very awesome LEGO that our exhibitors got to share and we know much has already been added to displays for future shows.

QLUG Admin would like to thank everyone who helped the Brisbane Brick Event an awesome weekend and thanks to the Brick Events team for looking after our members and making sure they all had a great time!
IMG_0438  You can find more event photos below:

The Brisbane Brick Event

Photos from the Brisbane Brick Event


LEGO Minecraft Raffle Winner!

At some shows we run small raffles to help fund our group activities for the year.

Huge thanks to everyone who supports us by buying tickets.

The Sunshine Coast Brick Event we raffled off a large selection of Minecraft sets to the value of $400.

Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016

One lucky young local won it all after buying just one ticket on a whim!


Congrats! I hope you share this with your siblings :) You’ll be their favourite for ages.

Successful Start to the 2016 show lineup with the Coffs Harbour Brick Event

Our intrepid band of Queensland LEGO User Group members road-tripped south of the border to visit Coffs Harbour for the Brick Event there. We were joined by a local from Rainbow Bricks and set up an awesome little regional show.
IMG_9885The crowds came enmasse on Saturday and the displays were all well received by the greatful visitors. Heard time and time again were words of thanks and “nothing like this ever comes to town”. People traveled more than an hour or two to come visit the event. On Saturday night we had a far-too-civilised game of partsies (where a group of people take turns picking pieces out of a set to take home), a build in the bag competition and Chinese takeaway, after our plans for a beach bbq were washed out by an afternoon thunderstorm.

Highlights were. The Faraway Tree, Chess set and Tower of Orthanc MOCs IMG_0003

The dinosaurs that escaped onto other displays ;) that though obviously placed, weren’t always noticed :O


Photo opportunities like “Be a LEGO head” :p

IMG_0009 Popular with the kids were the “build your own train wagon”, the graffiti walls and the play tables.

Check our all the photos below: Coffs Harbour Brick Event

AFOL Night @ Bricks on Kids

QLUG provided activities for the Bricks on Kids AFOL night. We had a speed build of Emmet’s car and a tower build competition. Some brought along MOCs to share with everyone. Everyone had a great time!
Check out the photo slideshow below.


Lake Kawana QLUG meet

We had an awesome BBQ and impromptu Queensland Lego User Group meet of exhibitors and volunteers from the show. Thanks all for coming, it was our biggest meet yet!

We had a really seriously contended speed build round before the light faded and the lights wouldn’t work. Unfazed our intrepid AFOLs used mobile phone light to contend the final round.

Congrats to Andrew, Adrian and Donna and Jeremy who came first, second and third respectively. Thanks to Gary from Bricks N Fun for helping organise the fun activity at short notice and thanks to Brick Events for hosting the BBQ for all our hungry exhibitors and volunteers from QLUG and Brisbricks. Everyone had a great time and we headed home for some well earned rest to start all over again on Sunday.


Lake Kawana Meet, March 2015.

Lake Kawana Meet, March 2015.

Lake Kawana Meet, March 2015.


Lake Kawana Meet, March 2015.

Lake Kawana Meet, March 2015.

Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2015 a huge success!

Brick Events toured again this month with a majority of QLUG members (and a couple from Brisbricks) displaying again on the Sunshine Coast at the Lake Kawana Community Centre.

The quality of displays was awesome, with a number of members debuting and doing an amazing job!  The existing exhibitors do an awesome job of upping the ante and making their displays better and exciting. Doctor Who photo-bombed the whole show again thanks to Shaun Patrick. We hope to share many more photos of the event in the weeks to come.

11057850_10153193927342650_7655539837678939681_nBatman display by Yvo Cleyman
  Pirates Display by Alistair and Pam.

There was a total of 7500+ paying visitors through the doors and the show took up the whole hall this time. So it was busy, but never felt overly crowded as the build area was on the stage. We even had an amazing cosplaying LEGO superman who roamed about over the weekend for photos with excited kids! The lovely young man behind that mask has since joined our ranks at QLUG.
Our group held a successful raffle won by a lovely local family and proceeds will continue to go towards group activities.

A number of our members created minifigure habitats and other small builds to fill our group display again. Hopefully this collection will grow for our next show in Townsville in June 2015.

Many thanks to everyone who makes these shows possible. You all rock!


11054396_10153195513717650_6804590785787303762_nQLUG Group display tables

Awesome article by the ABC can be viewed HERE.

Feel free to join us on flickr and share your show photos with the group. You can find more photos here.

Ipswich Regional Meet/Christmas Breakup @Switchbricks

The Ipswich Regional meet had a great turnout of members and extended family to celebrate the end of the year. It was a nice change of pace to hand over running the meet to an Ipswich local member.


Star Wars Christmas MOC by Jeremy Brumm

Thanks to Dennis Graham on behalf of the admins here at QLUG for organising our Ipswich meet and doing an awesome job of it thanks to member Tammy Caldwell of Switch Bricks for letting us “play” after hours.


Speed Build Competition

Everyone had an awesome time, well done! We showed off mocs, had a speed build competition and then had a buy/sell/swap at the end.


Nostalgia, building with Fabuland

The kids had fun doing some of the Switch Bricks activities, including an awesome Lego movie themed jumping castle and we didn’t hear a single I’m bored the whole time we were there.

Tammy runs Switch Bricks every school holidays and is a non stop fun session of activities. It gets a two thumbs up from this mum! Hopefully Tammy will have us back next year. It was a fun meet.

Full gallery of the all the fun can be found here.