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QLUG Return with the Sunshine Coast Brick Event

The weather was picture perfect on the Sunshine Coast as members of the Queensland LEGO User Group set up an awesome show in the Lake Kawana Community Centre.

Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016

photo shared with parental consent.

There were heaps of displays (many with “spot” the character challenges), photo ops with our Spaceman cosplayer, loads of playtables, grafitti wall and build your own train wagon activity.

Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016

By Steve and Katey Lilliman

Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016

Build a Wagon activity

Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016
Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016

The group’s Micropolis city display doubled in size with blocks added from more group members. Hopefully come next show there will be much more. More details on how to participate are in the pinned post at the top of our Facebook Group.

Queensland LEGO User Group Micropolis CityWe still have some of the Minifigure Habitats from last year’s group display challenge on display too. Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016

One of the favourites was the Great Ball Contraption, where individual sections are built by different people in the group and come together at showtime. The aim being for the contraption to move little LEGO balls around in different and interesting ways in an endless loop. This year the GBC gained a massive boost from the addition of modules from Alan Burchill.

Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016

All exhibitors received a Creator Deli Corner and a massive bag of mixed LEGO to assist with their future builds, much thanks to The LEGO Group and their support of us as a RLUG.

Sunshine Coast Brick Event 2016

On Saturday night we made the most of the lovely weather and had a BBQ meet at Bokarina overlooking the lake. Members swapped LEGO parts, participated in a game of partsies with the Minecraft Desert Outpost and played a frantic version of tower build with our 2 tubs of 2×4 red and green bricks, with the game not ending til the tubs were empty. It led to some very interesting strategy played!

Unfortunately due to dead phone/camera batteries no photos were taken, though all had an awesome time.

As always, many thanks goes to the hard work of Brick Events in managing all the event management side of things so members can turn up, set up and have a great weekend.

Big thanks also goes to our group volunteers who assist with our group displays and raffle.

You can see more photos of the Sunshine Coast Brick Event here

We even made the front page of the newspaper on monday morning, how cool is that!

Media Coverage SC Daily Front Page

QLUG Exhibitors Meet @ Bricks N Fun Capalaba

With our year of travelling shows complete for 2015, it was time to catch up and have a show debrief. Brick Events hosted the meeting at Bricks n Fun ans we ended the official proceedings with a bit of a competition. Lets just say there were some pretty serious game faces going on when they were all challenged to build a train carriage to test out a new activity for next year’s shows.
IMG_3874   IMG_3873

IMG_3885   And of course there were prizes! Thanks to Bricks N Fun. Best design was taken out by Adam and Emma. All the other carriages that survived going around the track without derailing also got given a small prize. All in all it was a fun activity and we trust that the kids will enjoy creating and watching their creations go around the track.


Here’s a video of the last wagons standing :)


Gold Coast Brick Event WAS EPIC!!!

Our QLUG exhibitors spent  most of Friday setting up for the biggest show of the year, the Gold Coast Brick Event.
IMG_9749We had some very talented first time exhibitors and were joined by some Brisbricks members too.   IMG_9806
IMG_9856  IMG_9811

Over 9000 paying visitors came through the doors over the course of the weekend. At some points the show was so popular that the lineup snaked through the next hall to ease foyer congestion.

By all accounts, our members and guest exhibitors had a great experience sharing their displays with the crowds.

We even had an amazing cosplayer dressed up like Benny, the classic blue LEGO space character.   IMG_9791

As a RLUG, we applied and received event support from LEGO and on friday night we had a mad partsies session (in hindsight we really needed bigger tables) and everyone took home some useful pieces to add to their displays. Matter of fact, I am sure that some pieces were promptly added to displays afterwards ;)


On Saturday night after the show every exhibitor received a set for participating and their participation incentives from Brick Events. There were smiles all round :)


Then more than 20 of us met up at Jupiters to have a fun dinner night together at Food Fantasy.

Sunday was just as busy and the day flew by and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and go home. One notable event on Sunday was when some kid decided it would be cool to turn off all the light switches. Suddenly you could see just how many displays actually had lights incorporated in their designs. I wish I’d been able to take a photo, but all the WOW! exclamations from the crowds spelt it out that it was amazing it was to see while the lights took a little while to power back up properly.

We also ran a raffle over the weekend with an awesome prize pack of PIRATES themed LEGO :) which was won by a very excited local family. Congrats! Our Admin team member Jeff was happy to deliver this awesome prize to this awesome family.

Thanks to all our exhibitors for all your hard work this year, thanks to Brick Events for being the most excellent hosts in looking after us all and last but not least, thanks to LEGO for all their support to help us reward our hard working exhibitors and members. We build what we love and it’s nice to get a little pat on the back too <3

You can find all the official event photos here.

And here is an awesome video by a couple of little LEGO fans and their mum that shows what it’s like to go into one of our shows.

We look forward to returning next year, maybe in a much better venue nearby *wink wink* with better parking options and lots of space for the show to be bigger and better. Til then keep your eyes on the Brick Events page for announcements of upcoming events.

Bricks 4 Scouts – QLUG


Kawana Scouts (QLD, Sunshine Coast, Australia) are having a family fun day to raise funds for their scouts to go to Australian Jamboree 2016 in Sydney next year. Please share this around if you are local. The Queensland LEGO User Group is volunteering their time and expertise to make this fundraiser possible.

QLUG Regional Meet/AFOL BBQ Night Townsville

We took the opportunity to have a combined meet with our touring exhibitors from Queensland LEGO User Group and some of the members of the newly formed Townsville LEGO User Group while we were in Townsville. Thanks to the awesome support of The LEGO Group, we had some LEGO Event support to have fun with.

There was a team tower build competition where one group tower crashed in spectacular fashion with a minute to go. Our winners were Owen, Christian and Andrew who each won an Easter set.

We then had a group partsies session of some Mountain Hut sets. For most this was their first introduction to parting out a kit.

Throughout this time random names were drawn and every AFOL attending got a random gift of Lego ranging from a set to random bags of LEGO. The night ended with everyone picking pieces from the tower build LEGO piles to be used in future displays.

Thanks LEGO for our fun night!

QLUG Regional Meet @ Maroochydore May 2015

Out local Sunshine Coast members got together and had a meet in a brand new park in the Sunshine Cove estate in Maroochydore. After some very wild weather threatened on the days leading up to the meet, perfect blue skies greeted us Saturday morning. We had a great turnout with some brand new faces and one member road-tripped from Harvey Bay to join us.


We had a MOC competition with the theme “STRUCTURES” and we had some impressive builds including a miniland scale garage. Thanks to group support from LEGO, we had awesome prizes to award. Check out our happy winners! 1st and 2nd place were very close, with only one point between them. Congrats to Lee, Greg and Dianne.

Owen showed off his Technic Volvo Loader.

Members had a fun time making some very random LEGO minifigs with parts that were provided as a part of our group support from LEGO. I was quite impressed with what some members managed to create.



Members who attended also got given a lucky dip bag of LEGO that was provided by The LEGO Group as a part of our group support. QLUG Admin would like to thank LEGO for their support of our group. You brought some very big smiles to our local members.

See the whole album of photos here.

Ipswich Regional Meet @Switchbricks

We had a fabulous turnout for the April Meet in Ipswich! Lots of new faces and we had a fun night. Many thanks to local Dennis, who organised this meet and Tammy of SwitchBricks for kindly hosting us again.

Hotly contested was the MOC competition, the theme was “SPACE” and we had spaceships, mechs, aliens and all sorts of wonderful creations.




Thanks to our group support from LEGO, we were able to give some awesome prizes. Given that we had so many wonderful entries we gave a first second and third place.


Josh didn’t have a space build to share, so he brought along one of his Modular MOCs to show


We had a Wacky Racers build competition, which was a fun challenge!


All the members that came along also got a wonderful lucky dip of LEGO goodies as a part of our LUG support from LEGO. I have heard that much has already been put to good use for future MOC displays. The Admin of QLUG would like to thank The LEGO Group for their support.


To see all the photos from this meet, check out the gallery here.

Sunshine Coast Region QLUG Social Meet Cotton Tree

Our Sunshine Coast members met up this time at Cotton Tree Park for a family-friendly social meet. We had a few members that made the trek up from Brisbane to join us and we had a great time!

First up was a group icebreaker challenge. Each group was given a random selection of LEGO on a tray. They had 10 minutes to start building with that, then they had 10 minutes to raid the leftovers bin, then 5 minutes to raid other team’s trays for parts. The end results had to be something recognisable and each team had to explain what they had built. Creativity was stretched and the challenge was indeed challenging!

QLUG MEET Cotton Tree Park Sunshine Coast


We got a fish and chip shop, an adventure park, a farming themed moc with tractor and a motorbike track with segway course.


QLUG MEET Cotton Tree Park Sunshine Coast

A couple of members brought along builds to share.

We brought along resources to share in the form of books, magazines and catalogues that everyone had a good look at for inspiration.
QLUG MEET Cotton Tree Park Sunshine Coast


We finished up the meet by looking at some of the new Minecraft LEGO sets and discussed them. Our honourary junior (we don’t have a kids club) Ollie had a ball building with the selection of bricks in one of the Minecraft sets. We also talked a bit more about the upcoming Brick Event local to us and I fielded questions from a number of new exhibitors.

I’m excited and proud of our local members who have stepped up and created their very first displays that will be debuting at Lake Kawana next month.

More photos can be found here.

Brisbane Social QLUG meet Roma Street Parklands November 8, 2014

To celebrate our year as the Queensland Lego User Group, we met up at the Roma Street Parklands. Admin would like to thank all the members that took time out of their busy weekend plans to come and catch up with other members to socialise. We found a lovely spot in the parklands to sit, talk and share.



This was one of the gorgeous views we had at the meet.

It was great to see some new faces. We had Josh, who brought along his sister and a latecomer Alistair and his lovely wife who had driven from the Sunshine Coast and gotten caught up in traffic. We appreciate the effort that new and current members make to come along. Our physical meetups are an important part of what we need to do as a group to be officially recognised as a LUG. Physical meets allow us to talk more freely about what we have planned in the coming year.

Ting also brought along a very cool technic model he’d made and motorised.



Ting with his motorised technic model.

Jeff got on the BBQ and cooked up a storm while everyone kept having a relaxing time in the lovely cool shady spot we’d managed to find.


Jeff got busy on the BBQ.

We won’t mention who Jeremy scared with his newly found friends, but there were a lot of eastern water dragons that live around this section of the park and they move fast!


Jeremy found some new friends.

We finished up with a blind minifig swap and everyone ended up with something different. A little confusion ensued as I had inadvertently gave away my swap to someone else who I thought had brought something. Whoops! So after a day of sharing food and talking LEGO we all headed home one by one. It was a great place to meet. No doubt we will try this location again and strongly advise that catching the train is definitely the best option.

See more photos here in the Brisbane Meets Gallery.