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Lismore Brick Event, a Fabulous Regional LEGO Fan Event.

Lismore locals were absolutely fabulous when QLUG roadtripped with Brick Events south of the border. After setting up over the course of the day and into the night on Friday, the show was ready to rock the City Hall!

Check out this show tour in 60 seconds.


Local kids could be heard exclaiming “WOW!” excitedly as they entered the hall display area.


We had a great little group of some of our most awesomely friendly exhibitors, it was impossible to pick a stand-out display as they were all were awesome on the detail and the wow factor.
IMG_0887          There were some fan favourite displays and some awesome new stuff to be seen. IMG_0467  

Big thanks to all of our lovely members that made this a great little event! Regional shows are a bit special as we show and stay together over the course of the weekend. It’s a great way to get to know other members and foster friendships. Special thanks as always to Gary, Ken and Adrian from Brick Events for organising these shows and looking after our exhibitors.

This was a great show to kick off our 5th year of LEGO Fan Shows together.

You can check out all the photos of the show here on Flickr:  Lismore Brick Event.