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QLUG Exhibitors Meet @ Bricks N Fun Capalaba

With our year of travelling shows complete for 2015, it was time to catch up and have a show debrief. Brick Events hosted the meeting at Bricks n Fun ans we ended the official proceedings with a bit of a competition. Lets just say there were some pretty serious game faces going on when they were all challenged to build a train carriage to test out a new activity for next year’s shows.
IMG_3874   IMG_3873

IMG_3885   And of course there were prizes! Thanks to Bricks N Fun. Best design was taken out by Adam and Emma. All the other carriages that survived going around the track without derailing also got given a small prize. All in all it was a fun activity and we trust that the kids will enjoy creating and watching their creations go around the track.


Here’s a video of the last wagons standing :)


Roadtrip! Coffs Harbour here we come! Locals come join us :)

Brick Events are seeking lego displays from local AFOLs in northern NSW for this show in Coffs Harbour in January. As someone who has exhibited at every show with this company, they run an excellent show and really look after the exhibitors. The regional shows where they travel are the most fun too. For more info please email: