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Brisbricks LEGO Fan Expo 3-5th October 2015

Right on the tail end of the school holidays and two weeks after our last major show of the Brick Event calendar, a few members exhibited/helped with the Chandler LEGO Fan Expo. It was a three day show over the long weekend and featured a large variety of displays from Brisbricks, Sydlug, Rainbow Bricks and QLUG members.

I loved this TARDIS!

IMG_3761 This build was EPIC in size and the number of km’s it travelled to get here.


Old school awesomeness!



All in all, Brisbricks were gracious hosts for our exhibitors. As a volunteer, it was a totally different pace from the go-go-go of setting up and running displays. Most of the day was spent hanging out with exhibitors and chatting to keep them company and occasionally taking over displays so people could have rest breaks.
IMG_3739On Saturday night they had a social gathering and auctioned off a wide variety of sets and bags of donated LEGO for charity. They also had a speed build of the seasonal easter set, which everyone got to keep. Prizes for best in show were awarded. Everyone was also given a random bag of LEGO (small random bits and pieces). The other fun part of the show was SHOPPING! I am not responsible for how much LEGO I ended up buying ;) Having a husband who is also an AFOL means nobody to say “Do you really need that?”. I grabbed a few must have things from a few of the stalls. There was a good variety to choose from as always.  


Image used with permission of the Brisbricks Commitee. Photo by Bel Stewart.

I would like to extend thanks to the Brisbricks committee for formally inviting our members and doing a great job of hosting the event. From all reports our exhibitors had a great time. Hopefully we will have more collaborations in future. :)

More photos can be found here.