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Bricks 4 Scouts – QLUG/ Scouts Fundraiser

Twelve of the Sunshine Coast QLUG members (not all pictured) brought along their LEGO displays on July 26th to help fundraise for the scouts going to AJ2016 in Sydney next year. Our exhibitors had a great time with all the kids, even if the turnout was a lot smaller than we had hoped thanks to the Scouts failing to promote the event properly to the wider scouting community.

IMG_3428It was a great chance to try out a few new ideas on our displays and tweak a few things before the big show coming up in September. Because of the small turnout we had a chance to really talk about catchup, so it was more like a QLUG meet with extra guests.  IMG_3404

BIG thanks to Ben Pffor for bringing the playtables along for the kids to play with. They were a bit hit with the kids. The lack of crowds also meant that some Autistic children from the local community were able to come and enjoy themselves without being overwhelmed.

You can find more photos here.