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QLUG Regional Meet @ Maroochydore May 2015

Out local Sunshine Coast members got together and had a meet in a brand new park in the Sunshine Cove estate in Maroochydore. After some very wild weather threatened on the days leading up to the meet, perfect blue skies greeted us Saturday morning. We had a great turnout with some brand new faces and one member road-tripped from Harvey Bay to join us.


We had a MOC competition with the theme “STRUCTURES” and we had some impressive builds including a miniland scale garage. Thanks to group support from LEGO, we had awesome prizes to award. Check out our happy winners! 1st and 2nd place were very close, with only one point between them. Congrats to Lee, Greg and Dianne.

Owen showed off his Technic Volvo Loader.

Members had a fun time making some very random LEGO minifigs with parts that were provided as a part of our group support from LEGO. I was quite impressed with what some members managed to create.



Members who attended also got given a lucky dip bag of LEGO that was provided by The LEGO Group as a part of our group support. QLUG Admin would like to thank LEGO for their support of our group. You brought some very big smiles to our local members.

See the whole album of photos here.

Ipswich Regional Meet @Switchbricks

We had a fabulous turnout for the April Meet in Ipswich! Lots of new faces and we had a fun night. Many thanks to local Dennis, who organised this meet and Tammy of SwitchBricks for kindly hosting us again.

Hotly contested was the MOC competition, the theme was “SPACE” and we had spaceships, mechs, aliens and all sorts of wonderful creations.




Thanks to our group support from LEGO, we were able to give some awesome prizes. Given that we had so many wonderful entries we gave a first second and third place.


Josh didn’t have a space build to share, so he brought along one of his Modular MOCs to show


We had a Wacky Racers build competition, which was a fun challenge!


All the members that came along also got a wonderful lucky dip of LEGO goodies as a part of our LUG support from LEGO. I have heard that much has already been put to good use for future MOC displays. The Admin of QLUG would like to thank The LEGO Group for their support.


To see all the photos from this meet, check out the gallery here.