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Sunshine Coast Region QLUG Social Meet Cotton Tree

Our Sunshine Coast members met up this time at Cotton Tree Park for a family-friendly social meet. We had a few members that made the trek up from Brisbane to join us and we had a great time!

First up was a group icebreaker challenge. Each group was given a random selection of LEGO on a tray. They had 10 minutes to start building with that, then they had 10 minutes to raid the leftovers bin, then 5 minutes to raid other team’s trays for parts. The end results had to be something recognisable and each team had to explain what they had built. Creativity was stretched and the challenge was indeed challenging!

QLUG MEET Cotton Tree Park Sunshine Coast


We got a fish and chip shop, an adventure park, a farming themed moc with tractor and a motorbike track with segway course.


QLUG MEET Cotton Tree Park Sunshine Coast

A couple of members brought along builds to share.

We brought along resources to share in the form of books, magazines and catalogues that everyone had a good look at for inspiration.
QLUG MEET Cotton Tree Park Sunshine Coast


We finished up the meet by looking at some of the new Minecraft LEGO sets and discussed them. Our honourary junior (we don’t have a kids club) Ollie had a ball building with the selection of bricks in one of the Minecraft sets. We also talked a bit more about the upcoming Brick Event local to us and I fielded questions from a number of new exhibitors.

I’m excited and proud of our local members who have stepped up and created their very first displays that will be debuting at Lake Kawana next month.

More photos can be found here.