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Bundaberg Brick Event Roadtrip 16-19th January 2015

We packed up our displays and loaded them on a truck, then most of us piled in a minibus along with Brick Events and Bricks ‘N Fun staff to make the trip to Bundaberg.

We passed through a myriad of small towns, watching the countryside eventually give way to cane fields and orchards as we approached Bundaberg. I wasn’t quite prepared for the muggy, hot weather for set up in our first venue without full air-conditioning. We started set up and as exhibitors finished their setup, they moved on to helped Adrian with the City display and a number of other displays from the Brick Events team’s private collections. Aaron who was driving the minibus, was stuck waiting as I madly grassed our dino park display and he kindly help out before we called it a night.
10915222_10153081884822650_9211089090238082672_nHours of sweaty, exhausting setup behind us, we rested up for the big first day of the show.

We faced another hideous day of high humidity without relief the next day, going through water bottles like they were nothing. But the crowds were friendly and eager enough to brave the hot hall.


It was a relief when the doors closed and we could retreat to the aircon before heading off for a bbq at the beach. Day 2 brought a slight cooler change and was far more bearable. The crowds seemed bigger as word got around and the kids had a ball in the build room area.

I’ve been exhibiting with a lot of these same people for nearly 2 years of shows now, so it’s hard to pick favourites when I’ve seen so much of the displays grow and change. We had 3 brand new exhibitors this show, who have been volunteers at past shows. Dennis, Tina and Greg made awesome debuts, contributing to the group display and their own displays.

On Diane’s western display I loved her addition of new lighting in her mine  and the white church with wedding couple.

Aaron had some fantastic fire rescue scenes and an amazing architecture based on real buildings.

Our QLUG group display was the start of a collection of minifigure habitats that we hope to grow. They looked great all grouped together.

Local WIN television news came and interviewed some of our members for a short feature on the news. You can see the video here.


You can see a full gallery of photos here on flickr. Feel free to add photos to the group flickr.

Despite the weather, we all had a great time and it was a fabulous bonding experience.

We are waiting to hear where Brick Events may roadtrip to next!