Monthly Archives: December 2014

Ipswich Regional Meet/Christmas Breakup @Switchbricks

The Ipswich Regional meet had a great turnout of members and extended family to celebrate the end of the year. It was a nice change of pace to hand over running the meet to an Ipswich local member.


Star Wars Christmas MOC by Jeremy Brumm

Thanks to Dennis Graham on behalf of the admins here at QLUG for organising our Ipswich meet and doing an awesome job of it thanks to member Tammy Caldwell of Switch Bricks for letting us “play” after hours.


Speed Build Competition

Everyone had an awesome time, well done! We showed off mocs, had a speed build competition and then had a buy/sell/swap at the end.


Nostalgia, building with Fabuland

The kids had fun doing some of the Switch Bricks activities, including an awesome Lego movie themed jumping castle and we didn’t hear a single I’m bored the whole time we were there.

Tammy runs Switch Bricks every school holidays and is a non stop fun session of activities. It gets a two thumbs up from this mum! Hopefully Tammy will have us back next year. It was a fun meet.

Full gallery of the all the fun can be found here.