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Congratulations to our Lego Opera House Winner!

Congratulations to Micheal our lucky raffle winner of the Sydney Opera House set that was kindly donated by Brick Events. I’m sure you will have hours of fun building this impressive set.


Pictured: Micheal with Steve from QLUG presenting the prize. Behind them are Ken, Gary and Adrian of Brick Events who kindly donated the prize.


Thanks to everyone who supported us by buying tickets and thank you to the exhibitors that took time out of their busy show days to sell tickets on the show weekend.

Proceeds will go towards getting QLUG polo shirts on our exhibitors, who are the main public face of the group. Orders will be taken from the rest of the membership, to purchase shirts if they want one, very soon.

Ipswich Brick Event

QLUG members built and exhibited at the Ipswich Brick Event 12-13th July at the Ipswich Civic Centre in Ipswich. After lots of hard work setting up we had a great show and it was a slower pace than our last at the Sunshine Coast so there was plenty of time to talk to visitors about Lego all weekend. I met some lovely AFOL’s that came to look at all the displays. We had some new members assist Brick Events with volunteer support throughout the show. Thanks guys :) you did a great job helping out in the build areas and assisting with a number of jobs throughout the day. I trust that you all had a great experience and hope we see you at future events.


Almost all of the exhibitors, helpers, volunteers and retail people. It’s impossible to get everyone from the whole weekend as some only come for the Saturday.

View our gallery of show images here

We also had a meet at the end of the show to talk Lego, discuss upcoming meets and to draw the raffle that the exhibitor group of QLUG ran to help buy polo shirts to wear while representing the group at events.

Fun Morning at our Social Meet (June 28th)

With the run up to the Ipswich Brick Event looming, we had a social meet up. With so many of our core members busy frantically finalising their displays for the show, the turnout wasn’t huge but we had tons of fun!

10514630_10152593693487650_4526573524244130948_n 10448778_10152593692802650_5857485152257011380_n


We talked a briefly about the upcoming Gold Coast Brick Event in September and fundraising plans to get our exhibitors (public face of the group) into QLUG polo shirts.

There was a MOC competition, show and tell from Cherie with her dinosaur themed train and a build a panda challenge (no instructions just a picture).


We all had a close look at the new eyes from the Mixels (Technic ball with eye print) that were recently added to the Dinosaur train. Mixels seem to be a source of interesting pieces for MOC building and if you can get them when on discount they are good value for parting out.


We talked about sharing of techniques and skills for future meets and Ross kindly agreed to talking about his specialty with Technic and motors.